Thursday, November 10, 2005

The irony that is life.

One whole night's work and you have a brand new template. Featuring smoothing colors, better cross-browser compatibility and a better navigation bar. Yes, for the audience of this blog, (yes, I mean all 3 of you) I present you "Angkor Vat" (thats what this template is called, if you din't know).

Now, why is life an irony? Because one whole night's toil later I get an invite from
To move or not to move, that is the question!.

Update 1 : If someone is intersted in using this template for their blog, please go ahead and use it, also drop a mail if you do use it.

Signing Off,
Vishnu Vyas.


- Intercodes said...

My two cents...

It's really good to see your template render well in all three browser.IE seems to like your template in particular


The main banner is little wider than it should be to fit in the template. dont you think?. It should stop with the 'about me' right panel. (and btw the banner is not geeky at all , your blog is....but still the banner looks catchy).Dont tell me you drew this picture.

The other problem that I find is , you have made the center panel too wider so that right panel has become really narrow.In IE it's worse. The 'Sections' in the right side display like one word in a row. It's difficult to track down your previous post. You could try to < br > between every entry in the right panel.

Personally what I feel is no matter what the template looks like what's really important is the content inside and the way it is written. You score well on these two stats , no need to worry about the trivial templates.!

No idea what that invite from wordpress means though

- Intercodes said...

What's this new moderation system and the word verification !!

- Intercodes said...

Yup, this looks perfect. Hmm, after seeing wordpress blogspot looks kinda bland.

Have you tried removing that blue background in this template and put white? I think it would be nice.