Thursday, October 14, 2004

A couple of records in record time

Records, the common grievance of being a student of engineering in India. And to some the word record, brings images of long hours of drudgery, a slow incompetent dotmatrix spewing out mercilessly college assignment sheets which are more often than not in short supply. And every one, I believe has a dreadful story to tell, so here is mine.

A single day deadline ( price of lazing over an entire semester! ), and two records to go. From scratch, and that's exactly how the ground situation looked like when I woke up today morning...Err..., ok afternoon. Well not all hope was lost, as I still had the solution to all (most) of my record problems, the Holy Grail, the floppy disk containing all the programs that need to go into the record.

So, a quick bath, hefty lunch, and a few hours later, I switched on my computer, spent a few minutes selecting my playlist and I put the floppy in the drive. And that's when tragedy struck!!!! Well with Murphy's law ringing in my ears, I was distraught on realizing the fact that, the only file on the floppy that I really needed was ....gone .... ( tears, painful violin music here..).

So, without further ado, I immediately sat down to finish the written portion of my record, which until now, I was blissfully unaware that it involved mundane, and really boring work. But with no other choice, (or first years to bully, err... I mean convince (being politically correct you know ( LISP MANIA!!!! No oooo))) I had to sit and painfully write my record. (well for all those who empathise with me , you are blessed, and for all others, watchout, your underwear may just turn carnivorous!)

After, spending considerable time, writing the record, it was time to do something abt the printouts, and other stuff. well, all that in a later post, more appropriately titled, 'How I finished my record, or got terribly ripped off in the process!'

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