Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gmail's birthday treat

Yippie!.. 3 cheers for google. With google's mail service GMail clebrating its first birthday today all faithful gmailian's now get double their storage space and even more!!! Yeah guys, gmail's now giving 2 GIGS of storage space!! Infact, if what they say is to be believed.. Its not just going to end with 2 gigs, it might even go higher.. One day they might actually live up to their 'name' and start giving us a googol gigs of space! (pah!!... thats one sentence with a lot of g's!)

And for all those hapless heretics , who said what's the big deal with google, when rediff gives 1gig!.. well, suffer in shame you worthless souls!, as I can mock at your plight with mirthful derision! Ha Ha Ha .. ( add lightening, thunder, a megalomaniacs united logo, and anything else you can imagine!)

Signing off,


Guess Who Vishnu said...

All this extra space is good, gmail is living up to its word.but does one really need that much space in a mailbox?
i haven't emptied 10MB of space in mine
more improtantly, as for video transfer, u cant do that in india within a day of upload/download
i suppose it will be unused space, which is exactly what gmail is counting on!

and Vishnu, for all that u kno, i am likely to be a fat and medium guy, juas as likely as i am to be a hollywood actress, anyway, why spoil ur img, go on

Vishnu Vyas said...

well, isin't satiating your own ego a good enough reason to have 2 gigs of space.. Its just like the SUV meme.. People have Huge gas guzzling SUV's or chaterd jet's just so that they can satisfy their own egos.. Same thing with storage space too man..

Guess Who Vishnu said...

satisfying ego is a very poor excuse da!
if there is some thing really useful abt it then there's a pt. in bragging about it
Jets have engines powerful enuf to use all that capacity of gas , dont think u'll ever be able to finish off that much space,atleast not in the near future that u'd wanna worry abt
face it, tho gmail is a good concept, going on increasing the space doesnt help

Vishnu Vyas said...

Guess, I simply can't get to see you my POV and likewise.. anyways.. I think instead of arguing (flaming??) on my own blog.. lets just say 'capish' and I will wait till the day comes where you have to eat your own words.. wat say eh?