Friday, April 08, 2005

Some Old and Crappy Artwork

Some Old and Crappy Artwork Posted by Hello

This is some old psuedo-comic like artwork that I did for the engenious event at shaastra 2k5. Since I am unable to scan copies of my psuedo-comic strip, I am posting this. I will post the comic strip as soon as I can get my hands on a proper scanner.

Btw, the artwork was for a concept wearable water carrier device, which somehow impressed the judges at the event enough to give us a consolation prize!

Signing Off,


Sneha said...

vishnu...yein da?? U'll scare everyone off your comic!!!

You should have got neil or someone to do the

Anonymous said...

Considering that shaastra 2k5 won't be happening till the end of this year, I am so dazzled by your leet time travelling skills!

Vishnu Vyas said...

oops! .. sorry I meant shaastra 2k4. My mistake.