Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Discovering Redhat's Source Navigator

Well, I've always lamented about the lack of good , light and gui-oriented project management tools on linux, and finally I guess I've found out what I was always looking for. I am talking about RedHat's Source Navigator.

Acording to the User's Guide,
Red Hat Source-Navigator TM is a powerful code analysis and comprehention tool that provides a graphic framework for understanding and reengineering large or complex software projects. .
The project management tool as such is very good and is able to recogonize most projects by simply importing their directory. The tool is also aware of revesion control systems such as CVS and is able to access them. Here is a screenshot of it in action...

Not only does the interface look slick and is highly responsive, It seems to have support for most of the popular languages around (that includes C/C++/Java/Tcl/Ruby/Python). It provides an simple , yet powerful build configuration interface and a easy to use class browser and cross-referencing tool.The inbuilt text editor not only supports full color syntax highlighting, and doubles up as a slick IDE/PFE.

Being the proselytic lisper that I am, One of the first things I tried out was support for balancing parathesis, and its better than what I thought would come by default. Not only does it indicate which paranthesis you are balancing, but also highlights the expression being surrounded.

The only dissapointment with this system is that at its current state totally useless for developing any big LISP projects that I need to do as it neither supports an interface to the interactive top-level, nor does it support LISP syntax hightlighting, So all my lisp coding will be again limited to EMACS and SLIME, however I am looking to do some of my Java/C++/C related coding in this environment.

Signing off,
Vishnu Vyas.

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