Sunday, August 07, 2005

LISP in 24 hours?

A talk with a friend of mine yesterday motivated to do this project. I am currently planning to write a functional LISP interpreter, which must be able to atleast do more than a "Hello World" program, in less than 24 hours, and in less than 100KB (compressed obviously!), starting from right now.. (this includes time for sleep, etc.. :D)

I am planning to implement a simple version of scheme based on this standard. Probably once this is over, I will do an IDE too. The language of implementation will be Java, for I got this really crazy idea , in which scheme implementations will be able to access the java code inside.. (probably hacking reflections a bit). So lets see how this guys.. and for all those people out there.. 'Wish me best of luck'

Things I shouldn't be doing with my GRE and TOEFL right around the corner though!..

signing off,
vishnu vyas.

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