Thursday, August 04, 2005

Merger of the Blogs

For those who have been following these pages regularly would know that I started a small techno-blog some time back to put everything that I couldn't put into a blog for general consumption like this one anyway. And the other blog is hosted at Livejournal. But I've grown more and more dissatisfied with livejournal asking me to pay for a lot of features that blogger gives me for free, so I've decided to merge both the blogs into this one. I will post both techie and non-techie articles here.

Come to think of all this obsession with blogs, I was reflecting on why I decided to blog. It brought a series of questions to my mind. but however the posts have proved this so far to me. I would like to reassure that I have a life and not a cooked up dungeon monkey (copyright (c) JK). Thats what the non-techie posts prove. On the other hand computers, programming and in general being geeky is what I am and thats also the main reason I started my techie blog. And by modus ponens that proves that geeks have a life too (extremely fatuous use of modus ponens here).

Signing off,
Vishnu Vyas

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