Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Whole day of Greenspunning

Well, with my final year project around the corner and since I might be coding in C ( a lot, a lot more than what I would want to..) I started writing a set of small utility library that I thought might be very helpful for my project (another seperate post on what it is.. maybe even more juicy details). And guess what? I ended up reproducing half the functionality that I get with common lisp.

Yeah, I basically was greenspunning my time instead of making something useful like the actual compiler that I intended to build. Maybe I should chuck the effort and do my compiler whole scale in common-lisp. Since its a p-code compiler and not an actual machine code compiler, it requires a virtual machine which needs to be implemented in C, (because this time I want to do my malloc's and free's and manage by own heap and even garbage collect it... experiment with various gc algorithms etc..). But again, I decided to use the Hans-Boehm conservative garbage collector for C/C++ for all the book-keeping that the VM might be involved in.. which brings me back to the question of can't I simply use common lisp there?

Hmm.. some one with more common lisp experience should elucidate me there..

Signing off,
Vishnu Vyas.

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