Monday, October 18, 2004

I don't think, therefore I am not

Rene Descartes, once said 'I think, therefore I am'.

I believe that was one of the many inadvertent comments, people seem to get away with. Simply, things that work for some,never works for us! Like the way, your friend seems to go through cycles of girlfriends, and you get treated as if you are a vegetable by the (un)fairer sex?..., or when was the last time your teacher actually asked you to prove some theorem, and you got away with saying 'I have a great proof, but the margin is too small!'. Fermat did!!!

Excuses, the most abundant commodity available, only next to unsolicited advice. My sister, for example, just got away with saying ' Its more fun, if the colors are all mixed up!', yes ..., it might be more fun that way, but it took me more than 8 hrs, to get the ---- (expletive deleted) rubik's cube right!!!! And, as a famous French man once said (whose name, invariably fails my memory) 'On ne pouvait plus que crier', There was nothing left but to scream!. If there was a record for unsuccessful and lame excuses, then I am the rightful holder of the record. Take this excuse for a post, as an example. A rather lame one even if I say so myself.

Something that always pissed me off during school was History, a subject whose lack in practical utility was matched only by its ability to effect unspeakable ennui on impressionable young minds (namely me). I was one of the unfortunate few, who always got all the dates right, just the people and incidents mixed up. And you know what, after braving years of merciless criticism from my teachers, I was right all along! (The BJP-RSS version of the history books say so!)

Hey maybe I was right about black holes all along too.... mmm ....., should check up on Hawking's new theory.

Talking about people who get away with a lot of crap...., well most of the staff in my college would naturally come under this category. They take to teaching, as naturally as blue whales take to mountaineering. And the things that say, under the beguiling pretext of teaching! All that for another post, some other time, by the way, wondering what happened to the Descartes bloke? Here is a small story .....

Descartes, tired after inventing the co-ordinate system (or unsuccessfully instructing his wife to find the lost bottles of rum!) headed of to a bar, and ......

Bartender (in tweed suit) : Hey, Mr.Descartes, how you feeling!

Rene : Yeah, a bit tired, can I have a drink?

Bartender : The usual, Scotch on Rocks, Mr.Descartes?

Rene : I think not!

poof!!! And he promptly disappeared!

till later ........
Signing off,
Stardate -319801.13

PS : wondering were I got the stardate from, check out this site!

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