Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Muses of an Incorrigible Romantic

The Muses of an Incorrigible Romantic

A Romantic!!!!, many of my respected friends would agree to the incorrigible part, but never, in a million years,to the romantic. They would probably, be considering something along the lines of all forty of Ali Baba's thieves on a pair of legs. But, yet, as unkind of fate as it may be,I am fundamentally a romantic. and, the following post beholds, the idle muses of one.

Narcisim, apart, there are a few other things, I am passionate about, (one dama justa de una provincia lejano, for instance), and of the many romantic pursuits, I have recently been reading (and that has got nothing to do with college). Many books, too numerous to mention, are piling up on the list of 'Must Reads', and among the few, that I have finished, one that caught, my attention, was this great one by Dan Brown - The DaVinci Code. A fast paced book, with bold, and colorful renditon of an alternative premise for Christianity. This book is a must read, for anyone who happens to have passed std 5, and is able to read English (That means, all of you, who are reading this post). Well, not exactly comparable to the Magnum Opus, of one great writer, 'The Attack of the Mutant Homicidal And Yet Extremely Seductive Lesbian Vixens' ( haven't you heard of Comique Erotika ). In fact, I was so riveted to the book (Dan Brown, not Comique Erotika) inspite of the prodigal failure by the Electricity Board, and an incessently flickering emergency lamp, which gave away finally. Infact, I read more than 200 pages of the book, with the help, of the light from my trusty cellphone, which has been automatically programmed to switch off every minute or so!.

Also, another one of my rather sardonic passtimes, includes, making jibes at the male libido, or female irrationality, or sometimes both. Eventhough, I realise the fact, that I am an evantuality of both, that I take, immense pleasure in criticising those aspects, which I am a victim of (male libidos, not feminine irrationality you sillies). Take this hypothetical conversation for example.....

The teacher, in an attempt to stimulate their minds,asked the class the

Teacher : " What is bright red and shiny?"

Little Johnny (jumping up and loudly) : " A fire engine !!!!???"

Teacher : "No! No! But I like the way you think. Anyone else?"

Little Susan : An Apple

But, Li'L Jhonny, was not very happy, and so proceeded ......

Little Johnny asked the teacher if he can ask a question to which she nodded OK.

Little Jhonny : " What is long, hard, rounded and has hair at one end?"


Little Jhonny : " No, it's a toothbrush, but I Iike the way you think".

(Shamelessly copied, from an unknown internet source!)

PS : for all those, with a bit of brain, who figured out the devious, allusion, to the 'dama justa de una provincia lejano', please keep, this hard earned wisdom to yourself, and not use the name of the aforementioned aphrodite, in any of your comments. (With this much of high sounding legaleese, I should be writing script for Alley McBeal, or even better, become a lawyer myself!).

Signing off,

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Sneha said...

Sir Vishnu...
Romantic...sure u are da...when it comes to daisy...i know u lavish her with u're love...and passion!! ha ha ha!

oh and i know u're love for puzzles...and that u love the language tools in google...but must u??? spanish and all that...silly billy!!

btw..i think u mean musings..b'cos muses..are..especially the way u have written it could mean...well look it up!!

and btw the joke..."long,hard,rounded and hair at one end.."... what COULD he possibly's too ambiguous..god!!

oh and vishnu minus points to u...the joke is'nt clever..and a good joke should be!! u know that! fun..later